Known for his infectious laughter, thundering back-slaps, and impromptu singing, David serves as the River Church’s Community Life Pastor. He provides leadership to the prayer and healing ministries, men’s and women’s ministries, and family ministries.

Often found in glamorous hotspots like New Zealand and Italy’s Cinque Terra expanding David Alvarez International Ministries (DAIM), David is passionate about “preparing God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up…” He says, “I love seeing people step out in faith in the area of prayer and in being vulnerable with one another. So much healing takes place when we overcome our fears and trust God with our lives and the lives he has called us to touch.”

Prior to joining The River in 2001, David served with Desert Streams, a ministry to the sexually and relationally broken, and as a singles pastor at The Vineyard Venice. As the most muscular staff member, David can hit a softball approximately halfway to Gilroy.

You can follow David’s posts on Facebook as well.  If enough people like his page, he might even consider signing up for Facebook!

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  1. Hi, David.
    I’m so thankful you shared your website with us Thursday night :) I was one of the people who asked you for prayer. I just wanted to personally thank you for praying for me.. I’m a senior(and a Bible study leader), but I remember how your hand was on my shoulder my freshman year during your prayer at Fall Conference. That moment has always been on my mind and I’d always thought about the idea of talking to you more, but never thought I would ever have the opportunity. Hearing you speak again encourages me to not be afraid to share my own testimony.

    I’ve read up till Father Wound Part 2 and.. almost everything you’ve written resonated with me. The story about dependent relationships really hit home.. because last year, I lost my best friend I had 7 years ago. We were too dependent on each other and it led to sexual sin. It was so painful to accept the reality of never seeing her again…but I am happy to hear how much she has grown to lean on God. And I know God has refined me too, during our time apart.

    My prayer has always been to be a woman after God’s own heart. The story of David has always been the most encouraging for me. I hope you can come again to speak on our campus. God is so good.

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